The Future is Coming CMEF2020

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CMEF 2020,PZ Medical  “Detects” More Cutting-Edge Innovations
Under theCovid-19 pandemic, the 83rd CMEF has opened on Oct. 19, 2020 in National Exhibition and Convention Center in Shanghai and has attracted much attention from all sectors of the society.
On the occasion of the return of industry vane, as the subject goes “Hope everything is good with you after a long-time absence  Let’s now meet face to face to embrace the world”, PZ Medical welcomes new and old customers from all over the world at booth 3B22 to “detect” more cutting-edge innovations, jointly explores with you series of new products with full function coverage, and takes you to an interpretational journey for new possibilities that a national enterprise can achieve in the innovation of flat panel detector and imaging industry.
PZ Medical Booth: 3B22


During the exhibition, PZ Medical has launched different types of both static and dynamic flat panel detectors. 4343Z is the nextgeneration of flat panel detectors supporting wired, wireless and dynamic full functions. A843B is the world’s first monolithic, full-spine-in-one-shot solution. 3543F is a flexible flat panel detector. Many such new products have attracted great interests from onsite audiences and many industry professionals visited toexplore future cooperation possibilities.
PZ Medical Staff Warm Discussion with Customers
Under the second surge of Covid-19, , the pace of theworld are quietly changing. Meanwhile it also brings new opportunities and challenges. As core component manufacturer for anti-pandemic products, PZ Medical has tried hard to fight against covid-19 since the outbreak of the pandemic. With substantial increase of customer demands from home and abroad, PZ Medical always adheres to the mission that “every detector made by PZ Medical is produced with the highest quality standards, and every installation all over the world is performed with great care”. PZ Medical has put into full production and even work overtime to meet the demands, and has doubled production capacity to meet urgent requirements from customers so as to stabilize supply chain for customers, accelerate domestic substitution, and realize global market expansion.
It is true that there are still so many unknowns with relate to the proposition of human health. However, in the face of the crisis of human health and life threat comes together with the pandemic, it also brings about great moving and reflections to the human kind. With a sense of mission and responsibilities in the mind of the Staff, PZ Medical believes that its cutting-edge  innovations will help shape and lead new opportunities for the development of the industry!