Industry Solution

Our products have been certified by CFDA, CE and FDA. And they are exported to Europe, America, Southeast Asia and other nearly 100 countries and regions.With the mission of "every flat panel detector achieves the perfect quality", PZ MEDICAL has become a reformer in global imaging industry.

General DR

With unique wireless transmission technology, it can complete a full resolution image transmission in 3 seconds, while the detector has high DQE, high resolution and other excellent qualities.

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With high image quality, high dynamic range, high frame rate and other excellent qualities. The detector supplies complete synchronous interface to facilitate the linkage with high voltage generators and other components, our mature SDK makes the operation software integration faster.

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The flat panel detector is able to works in 1x1 raw image, 2x2binning, and panoramic etc modes, achieves the frame rates respectively as 30 fps, 60fps, and 300fps (8mm).

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With highly sensitive and stable automatic exposure interaction function, it is convenient to connect and synchronize with all high voltage generators without any wired connection.

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It has the characteristics of ultra-low power consumption, fast and reliable image transmission , high image quality.It can be easily connected with the high voltage generator through the sync box.

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It can satisfy the requirements of a variety of industrial applications, product safety performance and quality can be guaranteed.

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Harsh Environment

Super high image quality, high-definition resolution supply the guarantee for security.

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Founder brief instruction

Li YixinBrand Founder

Li Yixin, special observer of medical X-ray equipment and technical appliance committee of the National Medical Electrical Standardization Technical Committee.

Li is a man who grew up watching mushroom cloud, aspired to become a physicist. He was successfully admitted to the Physics Department of Peking University. After his graduation with outstanding academic performance, Li went to study abroad in the University of Michigan with full scholarship. During this period, he learned from LarryE.Antonuk, the founder of the global digital X-ray amorphous silicon flat panel detection technology. After returning to China, Li designed, mass-produced and sold the first amorphous silicon flat panel detector nationally, which realized the complete localization of the technology, filling in the domestic blank.